Privacy Policy

Access to the MyAT Augusta Transit Website (“Site”) and mobile application (“App”) is provided subject to the terms and conditions that follow. Your use of the Site and App indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of all these terms as written herein and that these terms are subject to update and change from time to time without notification and it remains the user’s responsibility to stay current on all usage rules and terms. Your continued use of the Site and/or App signifies you are keeping up with any changes in these terms or conditions that Augusta, Georgia deems necessary, and your continued acceptance.

Augusta, Georgia (“MyAT Augusta Transit”) provides the use of the Site and App to facilitate continually improved transit services for MyAT riders. To accomplish this result, MyAT uses a number of third-party services to support features such as closest bus stops and route location, bus time push notifications, and OAuth logins. Among the third-party services used are TripSpark, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google OAuth, Google reCAPTCHA, OneSignal, Facebook, Twilio, TextMarks and

The terms and conditional use policies for these third-party services remain the user’s responsibility.  User shall familiarize themselves with and accept before using the Augusta, Georgia’s Site or App. Third-Party terms of service information can be found at the following links:

Information collected directly and stored by the Site and the App includes email addresses and SMS phone numbers. Additional information that may be collected, but not be limited to: rider locations, rider destinations and times of usage. In addition, when a user visits the Site, or uses the App, data for the following sources are collected by Google Analytics: the HTTP request of the user; browser/system information; and first-party cookies. MyAT does not use Google Analytics data to identify individual users but rather to review usage patterns and data. The Site and App may collect user location data to provide information on the nearest bus stops and bus routes, and to assist users with trip planning.
MyAT Augusta Transit respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of MyAT riders. Augusta, Georgia and MyAT Augusta Transit will not knowingly sell or otherwise distribute any of your personally identifiable information to any third-party. MyAT takes the security of your personal information seriously.
MyAT Augusta Transit is not responsible for the privacy practices or disclosures of any of the above-referenced third-party services utilized by the MyAT Augusta Transit Site or App. You are encouraged to read the applicable privacy policies and terms and conditions of any such third-parties and websites. The user of this Site and App waives and releases Augusta, Georgia from any claims related to information presented to this Site and App’s third-party vendors and support services.